Breckenridge Cannabis Club Name Change

 The story of The Breckenridge Cannabis Club will surely become..

Breckenridge Cannabis Club Name Change

old building1 The story of The Breckenridge Cannabis Club will surely become a legend in the historic town of Breckenridge, Colorado; perhaps even the world. The little yellow house right in the center of one of the most picturesque towns in the world proudly made one of the first legal marijuana sales in history on January 1, 2014. Since their grand opening to the public on that historic morning, they faced major opposition and discrimination within the small mountain community forcing them to eventually uproot from their longtime and well established location and relocate to Airport Rd..

Over the course of the first year of retail sales, owners Caitlin and Brian bought another shop in Crested Butte, Colorado and also bought a large grow just outside of Steamboat, Colorado. Knowing their plans for even greater expansion, they began to consider a name change for the otherwise exclusive “Breckenridge Cannabis Club” title. Many towns are highly protective of their “brands” and may not want a Breckenridge Cannabis Club in their town. With no membership requirements to shop, the term “club” can also cause confusion for potential customers. The Breckenridge Cannabis Club has been locally nicknamed “BCC” for years and they decided to stick with the acronym. After months of thought and ideas about a new name, they finally found something perfect, Backcountry Cannabis Company.

 On February 1, 2015 Breckenridge Cannabis Club did its last marijuana sale in the infamous yellow house and the last sale as the Breckenridge Cannabis Club. Brian and Caitlin decided the grand opening on Airport Rd. would be the perfect time to release the new name.

Backcountry Cannabis Co. beautifully exemplifies the company because along with selling organic cannabis, they are honored to be located in some of the most gorgeous mountain towns in Colorado. The legend of the Breckenridge Cannabis Club will always live on, but as the company moves onward they want their loyal customers, cannabis tourists, and curious spectators to know the reason for the rebranding and know that they are still in business and excited to continue bringing the Colorado backcountry premium cannabis and superior customer service.

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