Designer Cannabis Lifestyle…Tailor Cannabis to Fit YOU!

Let's just be honest, often times when people think of..

Designer Cannabis Lifestyle…Tailor Cannabis to Fit YOU!

Let’s just be honest, often times when people think of  cannabis users they tie them to a very stigmatized lifestyle. Many people don’t want to try it because they fear they will suddenly be doomed to a lazy and grungy life on the couch. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with utilizing marijuanas relaxing benefits to enjoy some Netflix movies and ice cream, but there are so many other ways cannabis can be included into a productive and active lifestyle.


    One of the beauties of legalization is the profusion of truth and knowledge about cannabis and how it affects our lives. Just like everyone who enjoys a good craft beer does not have to be an alcoholic, similarly we can tailer cannabis to fit inside our own unique lifestyles in a balanced and positive manner.


As a long distance runner, a snowboarder and an extreme athlete I have struggled with whether or not cannabis is an appropriate addition to my life. I think one idea that this generation is really embracing is to “think for yourself”! It’s not about propaganda Nixon came up with in the 60’s, it’s not about what your parents told you about weed, its not about embracing the cannabis culture because its “cool” right now. So what is it about? I cannot tell you what it is for you, but for me I know that I genuinely enjoy cannabis. One of my favorite feelings in the world is finishing a ten mile run and then relaxing with a bowl of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. The OG Kush in the strain relaxes my muscles and aching knees and overwhelms me with a heavenly shiver of relaxation. The Durban Poison which is the other component to this delectable hybrid enhances my already achieved runners high and leaves me with a perfect balance of euphoria and mitigation.


IMG_0672    I realize that just because I love mary jane I do not have to smoke her every waking moment. When tailored into my own active lifestyle I can use cannabis as a powerful anti inflammatory, a sleep aid, or the perfect prerequisite for a hike in the majestic mountains I call home. Cannabis may not be for everyone, but I hope that the perceived lifestyle associated with cannabis users will be broken and people can discover that there are strains out their for every walk of life. Just like anything, balance is the key to a happy and healthy life. I am grateful to have discovered how to use cannabis to enhance my lifestyle rather than inhibit it!


Lauren Hoover

Manager, Backcountry Cannabis Co.



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