Marijuana Propaganda Leads to Marijuana Attitudes

In this blog post Backcountry Cannabis, the premier marijuana retail store in Colorado, discusses the origin of many of the attitudes towards marijuana in society today.

Marijuana Propaganda Leads to Marijuana Attitudes

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With Colorado’s legalization of recreational use of marijuana the topic has been at the forefront of many national debates over the past couple of years. This is partially due to the suspicion held by some towards the drug. Those who hold an anti-marijuana stance generally do so for various reasons such as upbringing, loyalty to the law, or an attitude that has been shaped by peers. However, they all stem from one common denominator: propaganda.

Recently, it was reported that Shona Banda, a well-known author and activist for the medical marijuana movement, is facing possible criminal charges after police attained and executed a search warrant for her home, and found 2 ounces of cannabis oil. This happened after her 11-year-old son was interrogated by police at his school for correcting a D.A.R.E. councilor during a seminar they were holding at his school.

Shona currently has no criminal charges pending against her, however that may change in light of the cannabis laws in Kansas. Furthermore, she faces the possibility of losing custody of her child who spoke out at his school. Her custody hearing is today.

The underlying issue, however, is the anti-marijuana propaganda that is still being advocated today. Since the time of “Reefer Madness” a film that Hollywood was asked to put out in the 1930s highlighting the “devastating” effects of marijuana (which has ultimately become the laughing stock Hollywood), propaganda accounts for much of the negative attitudes people have towards marijuana today.

Backcountry Cannabis Co. exemplifies what true cannabis education can do. Not only has marijuana been scientifically proven to be better for many illnesses without causing the side-effects that synthetic drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical companies cause, but it is much safer than alcohol. That leaves little doubt to educated users and non-users alike, that it should be decriminalized to consenting adults.

Backcountry Cannabis Co. is proud to be on the side of the educated citizen, and we look forward to growing our business through our customers and supporters. Visit our page highlighting our new TV show to learn more about who we are and what we do.

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