Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis can only be consumed on private property in Colorado, it can be consumed outside but still only on private property.

A hotel is private property but each hotel will have different rules and it is encouraged that you check with hotel management before smoking anything on their property.

If unfamiliar with smoking cannabis practice patience and don’t smoke a whole joint! Start small with maybe one or two “puffs” from a pipe or joint. You can always smoke more if in ten or twenty minutes you still have yet to experience any effect.

NO, it is a violation of local, state and federal law to take cannabis out of the state of Colorado.

Generally onset of edible cannabis takes 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Practice patience when consuming edibles and if unfamiliar with what you are consuming start with the state recommended dose of 10mg.

Colorado residents can purchase 28 grams or 1 ounce of cannabis. Non residents, those without a Colorado ID can purchase 7 grams or ¼ ounce. Both residents and non residents can possess 1 ounce on their person.

Frequently Asked Questions

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